Snow Removal
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Driveways & Parking Areas

To make your winter season as enjoyable as possible, Cedar Mountain Builders, Inc will once again be offering driveway snow removal. Please review the following information and pricing to determine which option will best suit your needs this season. If you choose to have your driveway plowed on a per hour basis, keep in mind that waiting until the snow level is greater than 2 feet of snow will most likely need more than one hour to be plowed and will be charged accordingly.

Snow Removal operations will commence after the following criteria have been met:
1.) The street in front of your home has been cleared of snow and your driveway is accessible.
2.) A signed contract along with a valid credit card authorization has been received by CMB, Inc.
It is understood that depending on the length and severity of the snowstorm that it may take the contractor varying amounts of time to fulfill all work covered under this agreement. The contractor may make an initial visit to "open up" the driveway. This applies to both package and hourly agreements. The contractor's decision as to when the initial visit will occur depends on a number of factors:
Current snowfall accumulations, weather and road conditions and home occupancy
Customer understands that plowing a particular location may not clear the area to "bare ground" and that slippery conditions may continue to prevail even after plowing has occurred. Customer understands that the contractor assumes no liability for this commonly occurring condition. Customer agrees to defend and hold harmless the contractor for any and all trespasses or suits that may arise as a result of this commonly occurring condition.

The contractor will not be responsible for damage to the following:
1. Items within area to be plowed that were not removed or marked by homeowner, including but not limited to yard hydrants, decorative items, decorative edging, debris piles, firewood, gravel piles, or any other natural or manmade obstacles. However, homeowner may be held liable for damages or injuries resulting from failure to remove or mark such items.
2. Trees, bushes, or other natural or manmade items that may be damaged from throwing snow (does not include damage to home, automobiles, or other marked items that are readily visible at all times.)
3. Existing landscaping or any damages that occur to gravel, asphalt, concrete or stone surfaces as a result of our snow plowing services.
4. Vehicles parked illegally or in areas that the contractor has stated to the customer to be in a location that causes a hazard or impedes the performance of our work.

Prices and Payment Terms
Hourly Rate
$150.00 per hour (1/2 hour minimum)
Driveways up to 100’ length x 15’ wide

Seasonal Contract Option 1
$800.00 for up to 12 clearings (not to exceed) after 6” of snow
Driveways up to 100’ length x 15’ wide
*Over 100’ subject to additional charge

Seasonal Contract Option 2
$500.00 for up to 6 clearings (not to exceed) after 6” of snow
Driveways up to 100’ length x 15’ wide
*Over 100’ subject to additional charge


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