" Hank  & Cheryl Hill's Dream " 
    Our Mountain adventure started for us in July of 2000 when Ray & Bonnie Gudeman invited us up to their cabin for a visit. Tucked in far from the hustle and bustle of the big city with the nights being so quiet and the air so clean, we were hooked ! On Sunday when we had to face reality and start back to the grind we were consumed with how relaxed we had become in just a few short days.  During the next three months the number crunching was on and the lot next to Bonnie & Ray became available. Talk about fate !  Thus, we were now land owners on Cedar Mountain !  At that point we were once again in a fog as to whether to build or buy a trailer and plop it on the lot for a couple of years " testing the waters " to make sure our decision was  a concrete one and we had not done it on the " high emotions " experienced with the Gudeman's.  Hank was about to retire and he was alright with all of the changes going on in our lives but I on the other hand have always been the never take a risk kind of person.  He wanted to build and I wanted to plop.  Well, needless to say, he gave me my way and we purchased our travel trailer shortly after his retirement.  We lived in the trailer for the two summers enjoying everything about the mountain.  Watching the deer, squirrels and birds.  Meeting new people and building new relationships. The way of life up here is how it really should be everywhere, people helping people.  During our second year another life changing experience occurred....the loss of my father.  At that point and time both Hank and I realized how short and precious life is, thus prompting the construction of our new cabin.  Now we had more decisions to make...how big do we want ? Which direction is it going to face ? Are we going to do a covered deck ?  I think the most difficult part of the whole process was finding someone to build it !
     While attending the annual " Duck Creek Day's " in July 2002 Hank ran into an old friend and they began discussing our dilemma of finding a builder.  He told Hank that he knew a really good one and would send him our way. By the end of that day Cedar Mountain Builders had tracked us down and discussions were under way.  Hank and I had heard so many horror stories about building in the area but were quite surprised and pleased that we did not and could not relate to the experiences. We broke ground on Veteran's Day weekend of 2002.  We had our concerns about building during the winter months but were put to ease with the step-by-step process provided by Cedar Mountain Builders.  With Las Vegas being our primary residence and not sure how mother nature would cooperate with the progress,  Rudy de la Paz took the time to take digital pictures and send them via e-mail to keep us up to speed throughout.  He was in constant contact with us and if he had questions about anything he would shoot us an e-mail and follow up with a phone call.  We feel that we definitely got A+ service and most " bang " for our buck !  I was quite impressed at the short period it took to complete the cabin.  We took possession of our cabin on March 13, 2003 which was only four short months.  The cabin was far more beautiful than we could ever imagined and the workmanship was impeccable. Several people had made the comment that when they left in the fall the lot was empty and it was quite a surprise to see the finished product in the spring.
     Once more, we had decisions to make regarding the accents and theme of the inside of the cabin.  With the help of Wildflowers, it has become quite simple.  We like the " personalized " attention we receive. Cathie takes the time to get to know what her clients like and is willing to find things you need.  Wildflowers has a little something for everyone.  The uniqueness of the shop is my favorite quality.  She has things that cannot be found easily elsewhere and there is something new every week.
     When we are asked what we like best about the mountain...We'd have to say at this point  " everything ".  It doesn't matter whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter the beauty still remains and we have been blessed to be part of a growing community.
Cheryl Hill


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